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Posted 17 Aug 2009 by Owner
Trying to achieve a 0.0 seems to be almost impossible
The larger the look the more of picture is percieved with best accuracte large picture, but the close up "zoomed in" is only seen in one spot at a time
Quauntum Physic insimple term would the be the more closly you look at a object or a small spot the less time you have to get a good formula but a larger picture give's you a picture of it over greater time with less resolution but great under standing of its shifts and movements of the object or area compared to other objects or area. Well there is alot more but basic is trading one for the other. I have been toying with ideas but yet to resolve this problem. A -1.2 would be a acheivement. Never the less 0.0 would be a great goal.

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