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Posted 11 Apr 2011 by petrusbroder
Thanks, but a thought though -- have it be two days from the point at which things are restored and running (relatively) smoothly. I suspect that the 'clock start' point for 2 days might be sometime on Monday...

Since we had to wipe the database clean to get the server up and running, I know a lot of you lost a lot of credit on work you had done while the server has been down. So just as a thank you for everyone sticking with us while we've been dealing with these problems, and as a little payback for all the work lost; once we get the server up and running smoothly again we're going to have a temporary period of double credit (I'm thinking a day or two). Hopefully it will make up for a bit of the work that was lost.

I'll have an announcement for what days its going to be. I want to make sure things are running smoothly before we do it.

Hmmm, that may be a good test if the server holds up ... and to motivate people to come back.
Thanks for the thought, it counts for something, but - at least for me - it is not necessary.

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