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1) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU lacks the necessary double precision extension (Message 59883)
Posted 11 Sep 2013 by =Lupus=


I also notice that whereas your OS get described as "Windows" or "Unix", my Mac OSX 10.8.4 gets described as Darwin 10.4.0, which is actually the kernel version. Not that I'm alleging anti-Mac bias in BOINC or anything .... ;)


Just a bit offtopic, but it also says UNIX/Linux and not X-Windows.
Darwin 10.4 = Kernel same as Linux/UNIX/whatever flavor you like is the Kernel name. That also is same for Windows7, where kernel-Name and graphical OS name are same for the reason of no real kernel...

MacOS 10.8.4 is the name for the graphical OS as like X-Windows/KDE/...
You can even let KDE run on a Mac!

Just my $.02 and I dont say a word against any of the mentioned operating systems nor against any of the machines running it!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Nasty little bug... (Message 32426)
Posted 16 Oct 2009 by =Lupus=
See this WU:


Happens on most of the "??-11-1s-..."-WUs.

The "??-11-2s-...."-WUs run fine.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Compute errors (Message 5047)
Posted 26 Aug 2008 by =Lupus=
x86_64 on fedora9 running on a brand new phenom 9950: same errors...
and exactly the same stderr.txt (with exception of the row with the deadline in it). client is 6.2.15. and don't tell me its a hardware problem - can't be, my pc is crunching astropulse, cpdn, rosetta, abc, all work perfectly fine!
4) Message boards : Number crunching : application v1.21/v1.22 errors/memory leaks/crashes here (Message 4687)
Posted 14 Aug 2008 by =Lupus=
And being I have the XP x64 sp2 OS(4GB pc2-8500 ram), Thunderbird(x64 version and 1.22 don't get along too well, If I shut down 1.22 I can then send and receive email(Didn't have any problems under Seti of course), If I run 1.22 I have problems with getting Thunderbird to respond more than once. Also 1.22 will not request new tasks under XP x64 until 1.22 gets down to zero.... Then It asks and the server will send 8 more, 4 of which are started immediately, Clicking on Update to get more work does nothing outside of get No more work....
Until the problems I've stated are ironed out I have no choice but to revert back yo Seti on PC1 for a while. :(

Thunderbird problem: Sounds weird, maybe a memory leak?

WU problem 1: Hey dude, you'll never get more than 8 now... Until the admin fixes the project settings to sth like max 5 WUs per Core...

WU problem 2: What? No task request even if there is only 1 core running anything? Thats not a project problem, thats a boinc problem. Try to adjust your boinc settings (how much work will be downloaded) - if the value is too small it will only ask for something like 50 seconds of work... If that still doesn't work then try a newer BOINC version.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : convolution searches (Message 1154)
Posted 21 Dec 2007 by =Lupus=
For this my comp is still credit system 6,5 cr per WU about 10% worse as for gs_3x WU.
For gs_3x I got about 20 cr/hour
For gs_5x I got about 18 cr/hour

WTF? You only crunch 3 gs5's an hour with a dualcore Athlon64 4000+?
My Athlon64 3500+ single-core does the same. And it is not OC'd.
Or is it just 18cr per hour per core?

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