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21) Message boards : News : New NBody Runs! (Message 72335)
Posted 30 Mar 2022 by .clair.
So, new issue. I just buildt a new system and added Bonic, and am getting the message from this project that "N-Body Simulation needs 50.00MB more disk space. You currently have 0.00 available and it needs 50.00MB." I have 20gig available for use by Bonic and cannot figure out where the additional 50mb needs to be configured. Can anyone assist?Ron

We had this problem over at rosetta@home where the disk space used by the python projects is very big
From the `options` tab of boinc manager , then `computing preferences` then `disk and memory` tab , try setting it at
Use no more than - 100 GB - {Just set this to something BIG}
Leave at least - 0.01 GB free
Use no more than - 99.9 % of total

Boinc will only use what it needs
This is from my thread on the problem over at Rosetta@home
22) Message boards : News : Server Downtime March 25, 2022 (24 hours starting 17:00 UTC) (Message 72237)
Posted 24 Mar 2022 by .clair.
I still have many Separation tasks from 30 Jan 2021 on my tasks page , either `Completed and validated` or `Completed, validation inconclusive`
I have hundreds of them , if others have the same this may clog up the database a bit ,
I don't know what it would take to clear them out , though it may help .
23) Message boards : News : Server Outages (Message 71814)
Posted 24 Feb 2022 by .clair.
Thanks for letting us know. I've just found another of those rare old DP cards, four running MW now. The smoother things run, the more we can get done.
Five. A good way to get MW cards is to search Ebay for faulty ones. Fans are easy to replace, power connectors can be resoldered, and the one I've just ordered (providing the seller can make Furmark run ok) is less than half price {b]because there's 2 irritating blue vertical bands down the screen on all outputs[/b]. This doesn't matter for crunching. Was it odd for me to feel sorry for the sick card?

That's odd , I recently looked at a card on ebay that had that fault in the description and wondered if it would affect gpu work on Milkyway ,
I chickened out and bought an other XFX7970 , one described as having noisy fans , Yes, ebay china has fans for most cards :-)
24) Message boards : Number crunching : New Benchmark Thread - times wanted for any hardware, CPU or GPU, old or new! (Message 71673)
Posted 3 Feb 2022 by .clair.
From what I've been reading this project benefits more from AMD cards than nVidia cards. Is this due to the better double precision abilities of AMD?

Mostly , Yes , unless you can afford Nvidia Titan V etc , if you want to know what works best on Milkyway , take a look at the top hosts pages
You can find this in the "computing" tab/button under the project graphic at the top of most website pages.
25) Questions and Answers : Windows : BOINC Won't Install (Message 71660)
Posted 2 Feb 2022 by .clair.
And you can stop boinc crunching when in the system is "in use" with the "suspend" settings in boinc manager
`options` tab, then `computing preferences` suspend computing when in use etc.
26) Message boards : Number crunching : Long-running tasks (Message 71597)
Posted 6 Jan 2022 by .clair.
I have had some unusualy long N body tasks recently, anything from a few hundred seconds to this biggie, I began to think it was a dud, {but this isn't a rosetta python that stalls at startup}
on a Q9450 with win 7 sp1
Completed and validated . run time71,870.88 . cpu time 203,854.70 . credit 3,748.69 Milkyway@home N-Body Simulation v1.82 (mt) windows_x86_64
27) Message boards : News : News General (Message 71546)
Posted 19 Dec 2021 by .clair.
Pity the validator can not be reprogramed to accept the size 7 workunits as a valid size
or is that just my dim way of solving the problem .
28) Message boards : News : Planned Deprecation of TLS 1.0/1.1 (Message 71518)
Posted 15 Dec 2021 by .clair.
What is the easiest way to accommodate this change ?
PS a non programmer

I had a look at the list of your computers and they are all running versions of BOINC newer then the minimum , So, you don't need to do anything.
29) Message boards : Number crunching : Hard drive upgrade to SSD (Message 71476)
Posted 11 Dec 2021 by .clair.
For me, I would run all tasks and make shure everything is uploaded and reported first.
30) Message boards : Number crunching : Losts of Validate errors (Message 71401)
Posted 28 Nov 2021 by .clair.
Got a lot of invalid size `7` workunits
They are still about
31) Message boards : News : Validator Outage (Message 71400)
Posted 28 Nov 2021 by .clair.
Got a lot of invalid size `7` workunits
32) Questions and Answers : Web site : Safe transportation solution: stretch packing machine (Message 71380)
Posted 22 Nov 2021 by .clair.
Oooo wunderfull now we can shrinkwrap all our spam together in one automated go, Oh whoopee poop spam.
33) Questions and Answers : Windows : Is LED lighting worth the investment? (Message 71379)
Posted 22 Nov 2021 by .clair.
Many of us have seen small screens on top of cabs in our towns and cities. .{snip}
Reasons to Invest in Taxi Top LED Displays{chop}
If you have been considering where to customize {stuff your spam} display, please contact{chainsaw/////}ducts and services.

What on Earth does this have to do with the Windows OS and MilkyWay ?

Now then lets try and work that one out :)
we live on the same crappy burnt out over populated planet . .
its in the same galaxy [they have got you on that one :)
Taxi`s have windows in them [stretching the point a bit there]
In UK there is a chocolate bar called milkyway [the driver of the taxi may eat them]
other than that it haz as much to do with Vikings as spam has to do with {O sodit}
34) Message boards : News : Scheduled Outage 11/16/21 3PM EDT (Message 71368)
Posted 17 Nov 2021 by .clair.
Thank you, Its nice to have admin that take the time when all it needs is one line to keep us in the loop.
35) Questions and Answers : Getting started : How to use wool drying balls properly? (Message 71338)
Posted 9 Nov 2021 by .clair.
Spam, Spam, Spam, etc
Though considering the years I have spent on BOINC forums, at least this is `Mostly harmless`
Makes a change from the usual stuff :)
36) Message boards : Number crunching : I add the Rosetta project to boinc, the units are loaded and calculated and returned but there is no next cycle, no loading of new units, a solution? (Message 71232)
Posted 10 Oct 2021 by .clair.
I add the Rosetta project to boinc, the units are loaded and calculated and returned but there is no next cycle, no loading of new units, a solution?


one thing that may help is asking that question over on the rosetta@home forum
rather this milkyway@home forum . . . .
37) Message boards : Number crunching : I gotta remember... (Message 71222)
Posted 8 Oct 2021 by .clair.
As far as Linux Mint goes I'm not even sure they HAVE LTS versions but I may start using one if it came out as I almost never update mine until I'm forced to as all my Linuxt Mint pc's do is crunch.

The nearest i can think of is, Linux Mint Debian Edition , it gets updated as often as Debian stable, and that can take years.
Latest I know of is LMDE3 which is much the same as Mint 19
38) Message boards : Number crunching : I gotta remember... (Message 70916)
Posted 26 Jun 2021 by .clair.
I have not crunched MW for months and still have over 800 work units mostly from January showing
all the more recent ones have cleared out
they don't get in the way so I wont bother about it
if this is repeated across the project they could shrink the database a good bit if the have a clean out
39) Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : Outcomes of the project (Message 70762)
Posted 2 May 2021 by .clair.
Have a look in this thread

Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : N-Body Plots

nice graphic
40) Message boards : News : BOINC Stats Issue - Fix Implemented (Message 68410)
Posted 27 Mar 2019 by .clair.
Looks like boincstats got it as well
3.3M droped in today :)

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