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Posted 17 Feb 2019 by Michael E.
I just started using N-body work units again after a few years.

A work unit that originally said it would complete in 18 hours on a 2-CPU system (50% of 4 CPUs) has taken almost three days so far and is about half finished (Host name: DESKTOP-QKT2DLD has BOINC Versiom 7.14.2). I suspect at least one or both CPU threads are stalled maybe waiting for a join based on very low CPU usage.

I just turned off N-body apps in Milkyway Preferences temporarily because one system is a laptop and I prefer shorter work units. That laptop only allows one CPU (25% or 4 CPUs) so I was not expecting it to get N-body work units assigned!

If I can help, please send me a private note. I am familiar with parallel processing and native code app performance analysis, so I am curious what is happening.

Michael E.

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