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1) Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : MilkyWay@Home Progress Report (Old) (Message 42905)
Posted 17 Oct 2010 by Koen Visser
how about a status report? :)

I am wondering if we can be done by 2014.. Because SDSS has new info to crunch by then.
2) Message boards : News : Standalone screensaver test available for Linux (Message 42891)
Posted 16 Oct 2010 by Koen Visser
woa, can't wait for the Mac version!

by the way, how far are we on calculating the milkyway in percentage?
3) Message boards : News : Screensaver Demo (Message 41211)
Posted 3 Aug 2010 by Koen Visser
awwww, i just got a new iMac with a ATI card.. and now i have to wait longer. :(
by the way, my vote is on colour! Is the yellow bit the part that we crunched?
4) Message boards : News : milkyway3 v0.04 source released (Message 39119)
Posted 25 Apr 2010 by Koen Visser
Uhm, i'm not the best with pc's... but do we have to place this somewhere in our pc so that milkyway@home works better?
5) Message boards : News : Visualization/Screensaver Work (Message 36608)
Posted 17 Feb 2010 by Koen Visser
idea 2 please. :)

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