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1) Message boards : News : bypassing server set cache limits (Message 45827)
Posted 27 Jan 2011 by Bobsama
2) Message boards : Number crunching : MW@H = GPU, not CPU (Message 41948)
Posted 6 Sep 2010 by Bobsama
I decided to unlink my BAM! account to the computer. I'm running a second but I don't have a Radeon HD _800 GPU in it so I can't do MW@H on it. If someone from the local area (ie: Troy) wants to donate one, I'd be glad to take it. :P

Anyways, it seems to be mostly sorted out I suppose. I'm clearing that last CPU one right now. My view is "play nice or don't play at all".
3) Message boards : Number crunching : MW@H = GPU, not CPU (Message 41884)
Posted 2 Sep 2010 by Bobsama
Are you certain that you have the computer set in the correct venue?

Other option would ne to use the anonymous platform to only download GPU work.

Quite sure it's already set.

I am running official BOINC 6.10.56.

Pentium E2140 @ 2.66GHz
3x2GB DDR2-800
Abit IP35-E
Radeon HD 3850-256
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
4) Message boards : Number crunching : MW@H = GPU, not CPU (Message 41879)
Posted 1 Sep 2010 by Bobsama
Is there any way to simply disabled Milkyway@home from running 1.00 on CPU? I'm perfectly alright with it running 0.05 CPU & 1.00 GPU, but I don't want it to use CPU since it's a gigantic waste of power and potential. I have already set MW@H to not use CPU & to have a "1" resource share, while I set World Community Grid to have a "100" resource share, yet Milkyway@home still runs on the CPU.

Please, someone help me with this!

I have a Radeon HD 3850 that crunches MW@H packets in ~15 minutes. It pisses me off to see it running on the CPU where one takes >12 hours.
5) Message boards : News : issue with not getting work resolved (Message 38996)
Posted 22 Apr 2010 by Bobsama
I've been having issues for a few hours now with MW@H. I'm running BOINC_64 6.10.43 and there's no WU's available for me. Earlier I was running a World Community Grid-branded Manager (on the BOINC Manager now) but I updated that since I had the 32-bit version and wanted to grab the 64-bit version that I have now. I've got a Radeon HD 3850 awaiting WU's (I only crunch MW@H on the GPU and WCG on the CPU--an E6300@4GHz)

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