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Posted 27 Apr 2010 by Anders Nielsen
My ATI Radeon HD5850 crossfire setup ran out of workunits hmm... either last night or sometime during today (Tuesday) and message from server is that there is no work available. I tried to reset project, and to detach / attach to project, but no success. Got message Project has no jobs available.

Saw posts about ATI and fermi cards, and the new V3 client etc.. but just wondering why there were jobs until just about now, if those posts had anything to do with it. Pretty sure the last jobs worked on was noted with test2 and something with 0.23, last one also mentioned in a post as the old version of the client / WU?

Anyway, might be a simple explanation to the missing WU as mentioned some days ago in posts. New ATI client not available... or something else.


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