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The Fake ID Industry in China Is a Haven for Teenagers in the US to Acquire Fake IDs

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DescriptionIt is a known fact that teenagers all over the US buy fake IDs to get access to alcohol. Even though most IDs are detectable as being fake, some teenagers come up with IDs that are so perfect in every way that they can even fool an expert. Where are teenagers getting these fake ID cards from?

While there are many people who are making these fake IDs locally, there is an industry (though a small one) dedicated to fake IDs in China. Many youngsters prefer IDs from there as they have great quality and look exactly like the real one but are cheaper than what they can find locally. One would wonder how kids have the access to get in touch with people in China for this purpose.

The answer is simple, and you probably even guessed it – it’s the combination of ever-evolving technology, the internet, and globalization. The boost in this trade has come in recent years, and the police have been trying their best to combat the situation as well.

US is a very hot market for the fake ID trade. It is also highly profitable, which is probably why China has been benefiting so much by it. US has kept a legal drinking age of 21, but people start drinking way before that age and would like access to bars and clubs as well. The demand increases every year along with the buying power of the people.

Although making a fake ID takes skill, you do not need too many resources. You just need some laminating sheets, glue, photo paper, and the right editing software (mostly Photoshop). Once you are in business, you can easily make a good amount of money in a week’s time.

If you ask any person about their ability to forge, they would say it is not too difficult as the bar codes and, holograms are easy to copy. Previously, the magnetic strip used to be a bit difficult to manage, but now, most states have erased them from ID cards and started to issue bar codes instead, which has made it even easier for people to make fake ones.

There was a study carried out in one university in America in 2009, which stated that about 32% seniors and, 17% freshmen owned fake ID cards. It is expected that the rate has increased further during the years. This is, in fact, why most bars near university or college districts ask for two types of identification.

This does not mean that the usage of fake IDs is limited to the US. People all over the world have been using them. For instance, in China, you won’t face issues with underage people drinking and bars don’t usually check for IDs, but if you were to go into an internet café, you would have to present your ID. This is where a fake ID would come in handy.
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