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Cafe Style Plantation Shutters
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Cafe Style Plantation Shutters

Why Are Cafe Style Plantation Shutters So Popular in the United Kingdom

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Shutters come in various styles according to where they are placed and in what part of the world. Every era and geographical region has its preferences, s:craft café style plantation shutters, also referred to as half-height plantation shutters, are among those preferences for the people of UK. This has been going on for over a hundred years for good reason. Such devices protect homes from hot and cold weather, safeguarding furnishings from sun, wind, or rain as the case may be.

Shutters are usually closed during summer months whether on the outside or inside of a building. It helps keep energy costs down as it limits sunlight penetration. In addition, those strong summer winds that carry dust have no chance of entry. These half-height plantation shutters can protect against water damage and corrosion.


Louvered slats are the basic design of half-height plantation shutters as they are ideal for regulating temperature, ventilation, and privacy. As mentioned, they take care of sun, rain, or wind, among other elements. They are considered as the practical answer to most problems that plague a home. Plus, they are beautiful to look at and add immeasurable style and visual appeal.


If you want a particular shape or size, there are various styles from which to choose that will fit inside or outside of a given window opening. The trendiest right now are café shutters which cover only the lower portion of a window frame. Though more light gets in to alleviate unwanted darkness during the day, you still can maintain your privacy. Any floor is suitable for their installation. Looking at a building façade, these shutters add significant visual appeal. One can credit the French for popularizing half-height plantation shutters in their bars and cafes. Now you can opt for the solid panel style in addition to the traditional louvers. Many finishes are attainable including natural or painted wood.

In the UK, these shutters are pretty common as well, again valued for providing cubicle privacy to employees at work. They add ambiance and style. Plus, you can add to them as the company grows. They are cost-effective and modern, so an ideal choice for most businesses. Installation is quick and easy.

Leaving the top portion of a window open and exposed is an option that maximizes natural light. You can use them on double hung windows that have a horizontal divider as well. If this is desired, the shutter will be even with the top of the lower tier. If you ask about “half-height shutters” or “shutterettes,” this is what you will get. Overall, however, the traditional application is most common.

If money is an issue and you must stay on budget, stock café style plantation blinds are the answer. If your windows are standard, you should get a good fit. It is also useful to know that this model is not restricted to a certain height that covers just half of the window. They can, in fact, cover any portion you like.

Other reasons people in UK opt for café style plantation shutters

Energy savings, looks, privacy: these are all reasons to opt for this choice in UK. The movable louvers make it easy to control light and visibility and they never get stuck. As a window covering, they are unparalleled in appearance and now in cost. You can get a good solution to most any budget limitation.

Some people in the UK like to add a valance to a window after a café shutter has been installed. The fabrics are legion and just the right one will add dimension and interest to any window. The half-height plantation shutters do not cover the entire area as mentioned and thus it is easy to work with in a variety of décor styles.


The top half of the window thus remains open and sometimes this is what is desired, such as in a basement or at street level when there is not much light. You can have a brighter room while eliminating peeping Toms. With curtains attached, you will have a classy look for any room. Just pick your height according to the dictates of the window and try to match any structural break—as in sash windows.

One stop solution to the need for sunlight, privacy and extra wide window

Don’t be surprised that half-height plantation shutters also go by the designation of half-height plantation shutters. It is one and the same item. If you ask any salesman and you express the need for sunlight and privacy, he or she will steer you this way. The benefits are many, making them the optimal choice for home and business.

Since an extra wide window will require a custom job and these shutters do in fact come in double panels, you can put two on each side for a total span of four. It is a bit less sturdy this way but doable. If you go this route, you will also have to select your hinge system such as a fan fold style that folds the shutters back into a triable. There is also a type of hinge that enables them to fold flat against the wall. It is a matter of visual appearance in this case.

With or without a valance, these shutters look wonderful and they are another matter of personal preferences. Most people like a print or a bit of color, plus they add cozy warmth to a room. Envision the fabric at the top of the window with the café shutters below. It is far better than bulky drapes that are hard to maintain and keep open.


Mounting is a final issue of importance when dealing with café style plantation shutters. Correct installation is a must and you have several choices in this regard. Consider for an outside mount a plain batten or and L-frame. There is also the Art Deco frame. For an inside mount, you have in addition to the plain batten a molded or Trim Z frame. It all depends on the appearance you want when the shutters are open.

Given the versatile options for customization of this style and the mounting, you are sure to get the effect desired. You now know the options available and how the shutters will add to your overall décor. It is important to keep café style plantation shutters in mind when making your decision.

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