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Anthony Di Iorio ("Tech enthusiast.")
AMB-JC ("Searching the universe for answers about our past and future. Resource information...")
Alec Nascimento ("Hi,my name is Alec. I'm from Brazil [BOINC@Brasil Team ]. I like to calcluate for BOINC!...")
Alexander Shipilov ("Amateur astronomer from Russian Federation. I've got a couple of computers turned on 24/7...")
arsen.salamakha ("27 years old Java developer from Lviv, Ukraine! Keen on everything connected with research...")
atc1982 ("Hello i am atc1982 and 30 years old. I am used to be a car mechanic in a workshop but by...")
Alienmoon ("Hi there, Well I'm from Blackburn, England I'm 45 and consider myself somewhat of a...")
Adam ("Just a science geek interested in why our world exists as it is...")
Alan ("I am originally from New York, live in Colorado now, I am 50 years old, married with 3...")
Anton Zhuraukin

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