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AMD ("I recently got into computer building and this was my first build... what a overkill!! I...")
Alon Pekurovsky ("I am currently a junior at Leigh High School in San Jose, CA. USA. I am originally from...")
Abraham Smith
adrianxw ("Former software engineer. I started a heart attack in my office on November 27th 2008,...")
Alejandro V. Mena ("I'm Mexican..... 39 years old, Master of Science. I like to study Distributed...")
Andrew Sanchez ("First year physics student at the University of Connecticut in the U.S.")
Asmov ("My name is Brandon and I am an astronomy enthusiast. I am taking programing classes at AAU...")
AbidNibBeE ("Hello, Happy to help map the galaxy.")
Adam Elder ("31 year old owner of a small VFX company in Los Angeles, CA USA.")

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