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BoatDesign.Net ("Located on an Island 30 miles in Lake Michigan(4544.25N 8531.44W) we search for...")
bundaboy ("Greetings from Prague, Czech Republic! :) http://www.czechnationalteam.cz/")
Bathmate ("My name is Agust and I work for Bathmate in France. I'm 33 years old and I manage the...")
Bergmann (".")
Brynjar ("Hi, im a 33 year old software developer living in Bangkok.")
Baited Breath* ("Loving life in San Diego, CA. I have a great passion for astronomy and I spend a good deal...")
benoit ("From Boulogne Billancourt, nearby Paris, France. 53 years old, working in Exchanges...")
blitzed9 ("Hi, eh! Obviously I'm a Hockey fan. I like to Ski, Golf, Quad, and Camp. But mainly I...")
BlackFoX ("zajímám se od mala o vesmír, pc - elektro a auta.")

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