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Buckley ("When you make the finding yourself - even if you're the last person on Earth to see the...")
Bertram ("[From Columbus Georgia and Im 54.] [I am a musician classical violin I have been playing...")
Bruket ("Born 1988 in Bergen (Norway).")
Bill Smith ("I like trains...")
Billy Demers ("I live in Dothan Alabama. I run Milky Way at home so I can help where I can! I have been...")
Berdsk team of distributed (Nsk)
Bill Netter ("Let's see ..... I don't really act my age except when I absolutely have to, because I don't...")
Bezzegh Adam ("if you got a powerful computer, and/or just interested in space technology,...")
bikerdude02171 ("I grew up on Star Trek, need I say more? I love the feel of flying, on my motorcycle or...")
Bloodlu5t ("I am an animator on youtube. I like to draw, sing, and other things. I am a quiet person on...")

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