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Bartholonew T. duBois ("Hi, I'm Bartholomew T. duBois, C.A.T., but you can call me Bart. The C.A.T. does not mean...")
Bruno Henrique ("Air Traffic Controller from Brazilian Air Force, 34y.")
Bill ("Hello, I am Bill Schieber. I am a small business owner selling telescopes...")
Brit ("Forging a path to the future while removing current world problems")
bzoum ("My personal websites: CreativInn the artist community Parlamer Photography by Olivier...")
Bestazy.com Reviews - Golf Clubs ("You just started playing golf? I know the feeling when you rush to buy all the gear that...")
BigJimPana ("Retired. Living in Victoria. Curious about auto racing, education, glass, photography,...")
Bruno Miguel Moreira Pinheiro dos Santos ("My name is Bruno Santos, i'm from the beautifull village of Cascais, Portugal, almost on...")
Burnrate ("Space!")
bhorlor ("The details of my life are quite inconsequential.")

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