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BIG DAVE* ("I love to workout and lift big weights. I'm particularly interested in philosophy and...")
ber7 ("In dem Augenblick, in dem ein Mensch den Sinn und den Wert des Lebens bezweifelt, ist er...")
Brian Uitti ("I am the team leader for Project Blue Book. We have been running BOINC projects for quite...")
BigDave67 ("I live in and am from the Mojave Desert in Southern California. I try to garden...")
BogartNSSME (" ")
BETA ("I have been crunching since 1999 and it's just plain fun. Besides user and team...")
bob ("I'm from new zealand and love space and science. I enjoy observing space through a...")
borandi ("Bumbling around on a D.Phil at Oxford in Electrochemistry. Time to do a kickass solo on...")
BradleyHarris ("A Canadian living in the USA, I'm a writer, editor, and training designer, educated largely...")

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