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Brunone ("Si scaccola per la scienza e per le classifiche")
Behemot ("I live in a small town in Czech Republic, near the "city" of Brno (2nd largest town, laying...")
Bertold von Dormilich
Beamer ("36 yr. Comm Specialist for the Royal Dutch Airforce")
Belthorian ("My name is David Smith, it is not a alias I swear. I am 49 years old and work for Allstate...")
Bill_Vegas ("Las Vegas, NV USA enjoys learning ablout astronomy fast cars")
bbarde2 ("From Pittsfield, MA working as a Systems Engineer and earned my bachelors and masters from...")
Brody ("I usually run my computer overnight, so I just let the BOINC do its thing. So far I...")
Bartlomiej ("zyje w stafford")
BarrowHill ("Я мастер по ремонту и обслуживанию ПК. Хард и софт....")

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