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brinktastee ("A cold cruncher from Minnesota.")
buChii x3 ("LEBEN heißt auf PARTY sein, zu feiern wie ein krankes SCHWEIN, überall herum zu FICKEN...")
BhagwanMike ("Hi there! I am from the US, I enjoy playing with my grandson, playing music, and playing...")
Ben Walker ("Ben - 36 from Leicester, UK. Currently an NHS IT contractor. Spare kit around the house...")
Bobbi ("I am a 29 year old single mother of 3 very young children who has always been a "geek" for...")
bigdaddy ("linux user, interested in computer networks")
Broeno ("Top, mein Team ist Planet3Dnow!")
BDDave ("Just an Earthling hanging out near Los Angeles, USA.")
BUNNY ("Welcome to play BOINC together!!! If you are Taiwanese, please join BOINC@Taiwan...")

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