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Bill_Vegas ("Las Vegas, NV USA enjoys learning ablout astronomy fast cars")
bbarde2 ("From Pittsfield, MA working as a Systems Engineer and earned my bachelors and masters from...")
Brody ("I usually run my computer overnight, so I just let the BOINC do its thing. So far I...")
Bartlomiej ("zyje w stafford")
BarrowHill ("Я мастер по ремонту и обслуживанию ПК. Хард и софт....")
brinktastee ("A cold cruncher from Minnesota.")
buChii x3 ("LEBEN heißt auf PARTY sein, zu feiern wie ein krankes SCHWEIN, überall herum zu FICKEN...")
BhagwanMike ("Hi there! I am from the US, I enjoy playing with my grandson, playing music, and playing...")
Ben Walker ("Ben - 36 from Leicester, UK. Currently an NHS IT contractor. Spare kit around the house...")

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