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Cesarid ("Hola a TODOS!")
Craig King ("...")
Cybersleauth ("I'm Mark Ziegler from Livonia, MI Looking for work out of the automotive industry. I have a...")
Carlos R. Moreira ("Born Nov/74, Living in Gramado/RS - Brazil I've started with Seti@Home back in 1999/2000...")
Clairet Herve Thomas Francoise
Cédric S. ("Bonjour les gents :-) J'ai 37 ans et je suis administrateur système linux.")
CaulkLiquor ("I like pie, and space...")
Ciaron ("Name's Ciaron Cinnfhaelidh, I'm a 21 year old dude from Miami, Florida, I'm currently...")
clucas ("My Life: No matter what rank, status, title, or level of skill you have; self-learning...")
caa ("I'm 24. Unemployed. From Oulu, the capital of losers. Mostly spend my time playing video...")

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