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Cmdr J.R.Ehman ("Not the real Jerry, just a tribute to 6EQUJ5.")
Christian Schmidt ("Schaut es euch selbst an https://www.facebook.com/christian.schmidt.16144606")
Cookiemonsta ("Helping Bhutan to climb the highscores. Ni!")
Cos ("There's nothing I want more than to know I helped make the galaxy's map. Here, take my...")
Charles Conto ("Hi there! I'm a nerdy teenager from the mid-western U.S. with passions in: -...")
CanPower ("I'm from Romania, 16 years old, currently learning how to programm and I love science,...")
cyprus-property ("Interests - computer science, IT, investment to real estate in Cyprus, site - more...")
Chris Addy ("Mountain man, space geek. Dedicating my PC's down time to crunching that space data.")
Corla99 [Lombardia] ("Hello, I'm Corla99. I'm a member of BOINC.Italy.")
christian mosco ("Hello Everyone!!!! My names Christian. I Live in Daytona Beach Florida United States of...")

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