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Chris Addy ("Mountain man, space geek. Dedicating my PC's down time to crunching that space data.")
crashtech ("Just a regular guy from Southern Idaho who loves science and playing with PC hardware!")
Corla99 [Lombardia] ("Hello, I'm Corla99. I'm a member of BOINC.Italy.")
christian mosco ("Hello Everyone!!!! My names Christian. I Live in Daytona Beach Florida United States of...")
Caesium ("I'm a 21 years old physics student from Italy. "Caesium" is my friendly nickname because of...")
ChUcK ("I've been participating in distributed computing since 1999. I move the computers into my...")
Commander Nella Daren ("Lieutenant Commander Nella Daren sciences division Starfleet officer.")
Cyanryaku ("A senior IT veteran at all")

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