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CasinoAsist ("I am a computer programmer. I have my own software company in Batumi - Georgia. Most of...")
Comet ("跑计算任务,喜欢天文学。")
chr80 ("I live in the Kingdom of the Netherlands where the king is kind to us and we have cheap...")
cydonian man
Col._Kurtz[H] ("Long time distributed computing participant in multiple projects.")
Conan2512 ("Im from Provo, Utah and I am currently 15. I only use a MacBook (which is a few years old)....")
Cthulhu ("“We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it...")
Cosplay ("Hotcosplay.de – der Online Shop für Cosplays, Kostüme, Anime Figuren, Perücken und...")
Chuck Peterka ("Old Duffer who has played USAF for 20 years and played with lots of computers from lots of...")

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