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Cybes ("I'm a middle-aged SF fan with a novel collection that would shame some libraries. I have a...")
chanzui (" :wub:")
cobaltfish ("Am from Suffolk, UK. Studied Computer science at University of Bradford, and there found...")
Chefrocker ("Hallo! Ich bin Matthias, 31 Jahre und ich wohne in Deuschland / Weimar. Wer Fragen hat,...")
Christopher Hasek ("IT professional :P Bitcoin mining, 3D printing, Volkswagen, mechanical engineering,...")
conf [MM] ("Crunching for SETI.USA")
cpuid ("Hi, I am from Germany and member of team Seti.Germany")
Christian Bryant ("Thank you for your interest. My name is Christian Bryant, born in Santa Rosa, CA in 1966...")
cu_privat ("Hi, I am born in 1961 and interest for Science and Science Fiction and more. We are so...")
Cataclysm - Vital ("I grow up in USA, CA City of Pacifica. Then moved to Elk Grove and have leaved there ever...")

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