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Darin ("I'm a network analyst that was recently laid off. Done the SETI@home for awhile and came...")
Doddophonique [LIGURIA] ("I'm a 20 years old Electronic Engineering student from Italy, extremely fascinated by both...")
Don Beeton - ReturnViewersGuide.ca ("All my important ReturnViewersGuide.ca information and my book's content are free online...")
Dylan ("I am a student and an aspiring computer engineer. For fun I game, build computers, read...")
Dave Perren ("I'm 56yrs old living in Terowie South Aus. I have always looked at the night sky ans...")
Dale Jake Corner ("My name is Dale Jake Corner. I live in a suburb of Seattle. I am in an area that is...")
David A. Dutton [TopGun]
Donald Williams ("Studying to become a dermotologist. Love astrobiology, aeronautics, and hot women.")
djogle7 ("Sinner saved by grace alone through faith alone.")

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