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DR4G00N ("I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada. My main hobby's are Archery, Gaming and of course Crunching. ...")
DroidGames.com ("Best android games [url href="http://droidgames.com/"]DroidGames[/ulr]")
Dusko Lalovic ("I volunteer for organization called The Venus Project from Venus, Florida....")
Darkryder ("Just a Tech guy doing my part for the advancement of science.")
Daniel McLennan ("Hi. Well what to say... I guess I could start off by saying that I am 29yrs Old, I am a...")
DR. SKY-PIE ("Finding about the SKY... Sloan da Boane!")
Delfy ("Hi, I live and work in France. My hobbies are swimming, SF books, astronomy, traveling...")
Daniel Moody ("https://www.linkedin.com/pub/daniel-moody/58/2b9/a09")
dtbahoney ("I'm Dan. Chef, punk-rocker, punter, BOINC and Gridcoin enthusiast. I started off with...")

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