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Dr. Shmurge ("Happy crunching to all you out there. May your goals be achieved!")
Dabbelju ("Hamburg, Germany")
Darth Roxx ("“Nur die halbe Welt ist Teflon und Asbest, der Rest ist brennbar.“...")
DistroMan ("Trevor is my name, crunching is my game. I live in Australia, love computers, genealogy,...")
Daniel Stach (Hadra) ("New GPU machine for best performance. Space Family Experimental GPU Server Room on the...")
Dave KB2MVF ("The name here is Dave, age within the Dinosaur era. Hobbies are Ham Radio,Genealogy, and...")
Dave Przybylo ("Hey I'm Dave. I'm currently an undergraduate at RPI in Troy, New York, USA. I'm working on...")
domini1000 ("I crunch for science projects.")
Dawid ("Visit my webpage with free 3D racing games You can see a...")
dark113 ("i am from the uk now living in the usa i am 40 some thing i love moast outdoor activaties")

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