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Last updated 4 Dec 2021, 22:40:05 UTC

Dann ("A 51 year old man living on Djursland, with an interest in space, and scifi movies, even...")
drinian256 ("Retired, woodworking, hiking, biking, travel, reading and participating in BOINC projects....")
Dave's Laptop ("Retired professional slacker, ex-pat Texan currently residing in ABQ, NM, having escaped...")
dorotaeus ("I'm a scientist by trade, morbidly curious about pretty much anything. I love trees,...")
Dcrain5454 ("I am retired military, and just having a little fun with crypto and old components I have...")
Dustin Welch
Daveytay ("I have been in computing all my life; visiting Dad's work with mainframes and tapes in the...")
Dustin Hacker ("Hello, I am 27 and enjoy programming and webdesign.")
drhal ("I like to do tutorial and gaming videos on YouTube. I'm 29 yrs old and I like to mine...")
Don Brooks ("D.B. born in 1980")

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