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drakansoul ("Oregonian, 22 CompSci. and testing.")
d_a_dempsey ("Native Chicagoan and long time BOINC number cruncher--all the way back to original...")
drinian256 ("Retired, woodworking, hiking, biking, travel, reading and participating in BOINC projects....")
Dave's Laptop ("Retired professional slacker, ex-pat Texan currently residing in ABQ, NM, having escaped...")
dorotaeus ("I'm a scientist by trade, morbidly curious about pretty much anything. I love trees,...")
Dcrain5454 ("I am retired military, and just having a little fun with crypto and old components I have...")
Dustin Welch
Daveytay ("I have been in computing all my life; visiting Dad's work with mainframes and tapes in the...")
Dustin Hacker ("Hello, I am 27 and enjoy programming and webdesign.")
drhal ("I like to do tutorial and gaming videos on YouTube. I'm 29 yrs old and I like to mine...")

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