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Last updated 4 Jun 2023, 19:40:06 UTC

fesstess ("Team Starfire World BOINC rox! www.tswb.org http://statsnstones.tswb.org ")
Frank Boerner ("Mein Name ist Frank oder auch Frodo genannt. Geboren 1965 im schönen Nordhessen. Seit...")
Forest and friends ("Forest: Leader a spoluzakladatel tymu Czech National Team. Ve zpracovani mi velice...")
Frankie4Fingers ("Hello World Addicted to BOINC since i heard about it :D Happy crunching Frank")
firstomega ("I started to work for distributed computing in 2003, when I payed attention in the...")
Fran ("Just an ordinary man from Czech Republic. I`m crunching because I hope it will help...")
FdG (" ")
Fivestar Crashtest ("I am from Missouri but I live in Iowa. I will turn 52 in 2009. I work for the government....")
flyingfocrs of the scottish boinc team ("I live in the North of Scotland. Have been crunching distibuted computing since I joined...")
Fozzie ("I have been in DC for several years now starting with DF then DPAD, FaD, TSC, D2OL etc.......")

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