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Francesco_Sarteschi ("ciao a tutti da francesco e alessandro :))")
Flyer1970 ("Ich komme aus Österreich, bin 38 Jahre alt und beschäftige mich gern mit der Computerei,...")
Fuzzy Hollynoodles ("Hi, I'm Bouncer Jupiter and I'm a cat. My human, Fuzzy, calls me Bouncer, because I bounce...")
Furchi ("Hi! I´am Georg, 458 Years old, living in the near of Dresden (Germany) and work as...")
Fabrice.ltn ("Bonjour, Sous mon pseudo fabrice.ltn se cache un pseudo d'artiste... AJ Crime. J'aime de...")
Frenk ("Cruncher from Bohemia")
Fennec ("Computer Tech. from Philadelphia, USA. I like surfing and reading all about new...")

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