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Last updated 28 Feb 2020, 21:50:04 UTC

Farscape ("I am a Construction Engineer that graduated in 1983 from Iowa State University and have...")
Formicid ("Now living in Southern Illinois. Age: 44 Occupation: Educator (high school science -...")
Floh von Mausefang ("My name is Klaus Bauer. I am from Siegen, Germany. April 2009 I became 50 years old. Since...")
Fra_cool [CAMP] (" Hi to all! My name is Francesco and I'm a 32 yo mech engineer. I started distributed...")
FedsRevenge ("Hi there, I'm from Norway. 29 years old and are currently not working due to many reasons...")
Filavandrel ("")
Floyd ("Floyd")
forever_intel_and_nvidia ("Form China.")

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