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formatC'vt ("yep")
Frank SETI 1 ("I am the fly on the wall. Occupation: Hunter/Gatherer Look around!")
Fredguapo ("")
Fam. R. Baars ("Hi Leut`s, ich bin mittlerweile 49 Jahre alt,verheiratet, 2 Kinder(der Klassiker) und...")
fk_muck1 ("My name is Michael. I come from Austria and am a member of the SETI.Germany team. I am...")
Fredrik M ("38 years old, works as an IT Administrator. Has 7 Macs for now, 2 of them are dedicated to...")
fischju ("When in school I was often annoyed by 'pictures' of the Milky Way that were at best...")
Fubar the Benevolent Despot ("Long-time motorcycle rider and iconoclast. Computers are a hobby become a profession. When...")
FourOh ("Engineer. Dog park enthusiast. Take-out menu collector. Crunching on and off since 2001...")

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