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Gilles Teyssiere ("I'm a statistician, my current main research fields are time series, scaling processes and...")
giberush ("Hi,my name is Amy.I'm a 14.5-year-old girl from China.I love playing computer games,solving...")
Glenn ("Love fishing and working on Electric new technology vehicles as the Volt and Hybrids as the...")
Guido Coppens ("HI, I'm Guido Coppens and I live in Belgium in the village Booischot. I was born in...")
Gandalf_the_Grey ("Location: Middle Earth Occupation: Wizard Hobbies: Agitating Administrators DOB:...")
Gibson Praise ("Not much to tell. Retired computer geek ;-)")
Gary J. Ussia ("Hi, I live near Greenville, SC. I spent 15 years in the US Navy working with cryptologic...")
God is Love, Jesus proves it. Dios es amor. Lost, searching to find the meaning of life, God touched my heart + soul and showed me He loved me so deeply as to lay down His life for me. -SkA2- Gott ist die Liebe. Dieu est amour ("I have a PhD in engineering, and I am a registered professional engineer (PE) the love...")
Golem ("Student (Chemie)")

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