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Gustavo Brondani Schenkel ("Hi, my name is Gustavo B. Schenkel, currently living on Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil. I work...")
Grant ("I enjoy astronomy, all night observing, science fiction, video games and crunching.")
Grzegorz ("My philosophical hero is a mathematical cosmologist and Catholic priest Michael Heller who...")
GaryFDavisJr ("I'm 49 from Texas working as a tax technology manager for an oil field services firm.")
GERMAN FERNANDEZ ("Hi, I am chemist at the University of Oviedo, in Asturias (Spain). I teach organic...")
GASHIEL ("hi")
GeorgesJaar ("RPI Physics Alumnus (B.S. 2014, M.S. 2015)")
GIPICS ("Always maximum power")
Gaming-PC ("I'm a PC gamer. I have an Intel gaming PC that I love and that plays games smoothly with an...")
Grudge ("44 Male Have no idea what I am doing!")

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