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gigadisk (" I am crunching for CZECH NATIONAL TEAM.")
gruenmuckel ("Age: 35 Occupation: management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade")
gecon ("Siema... BOINC`em interesowałem wcześniej... ale moje zainteresowanie umarło......")
gabberattack (johnny, eriq, segfault, r2k4, bully, sifon) ("Hello, my name is Jan, my friends call me Johnny or Janko and my web nickname is...")
Grey Shadow ("G'day! 40 year old married bloke from Melbourne. BOINC because I think it will help in some...")
Glenn Rogers ("Gday all Im a 45ish bloke living in the Northwest of Western Australia (Pilbara) Work as a...")
gutherun (""The thing's hollow--it goes on forever—-and—-oh my God—-it's full of stars!"")
Gargul ("Greetengs from Poland! I'm member of BOINC@Poland team.")
Giaur ("Hi, my name is Lucas, I'm 31 years old and I live in Plock, Poland. I've discovered BOINC...")

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