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Jack Johnson ("One light to illuminate all darkness.")
John Black ("Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom 66, Retired, Science nut.")
Jack Lightholder ("A second year student studying aerospace engineering and computer systems.")
Jose [Team Musketeers] ("Hi, I'm a musketeer Argentine, we put our computers to help science and those who need it,...")
Johnny Str%0(mme
johnathon ("At age 40, I've retired from military service (SAS) only to find myself in need of useful...")
Juan Hidalgo ("Tell us about yourself. Juan M. Hidalgo You could tell us where you're from; I am from...")
Jeearr ("Computer programming nerd from the states. I enjoy biking, running, games, etc. I have a...")
junkfoodjunkie1 ("diamond bar, california 28")

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