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Josep Mª Busquets Martín
Jacob McShane ("Just a simple computer guy that also loves astronomy. I code for fun, buy and sell domain...")
Jillynda ("Hello I'm from Pennsylivania, In USA. Would like to c if any other PA people r here.")
JumpinJohnny ("**Ni!** Recycling electrons one at a time. Amateur interest in a wide variety of...")
Jack Jacobs ("I am a retired American Serviceman; I have always been very curious about astrophysics,...")
jxrich ("30、")
John ("Name: John Henry Age: 22 no occupation at this time. hobbies include: programming,...")
Jakob Nederlund ("Hi my name is Jakob,47 years, living in Copenhagen Denmark. Im been working with...")
James Broughton (" Professional Procrastinator Computer Geek Space Fanatic I'm not exactly the most...")
Jerrid Byrd ("Im from San Diego, CA. Im 24 and love anything to do with most sciences and looking for...")

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