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jwtippie ("Retired PhD Physicist. Have a strong interest in Astrophysics.")
Jessecar ("I made Scrap.TF and stuff")
JohnRB ("Your ordinary 30 something year old techy. I.T. Consultant and 15 other titles I can list...")
Jhonatan ("From São José dos Campos, Brazil. Student of Aeronautic and Space engineering at UNIVAP-...")
Jords ("Middle aged chap, living in south east asia. work on computer systems at work and at play!...")
Jura ("Москва) Интересов много и основные из них -...")
Julian Bonsall-Shepard ("I am an aspiring aerospace engineer, artist, inventor, taoist, guitarist, philosopher,...")
Jure Pokerznik ("I'm currently attending Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University...")
Jiri Spejchal ("Hello, my name is Jirka and I'm from Czech Republic. I work as a risk analyst. I graduated...")
John Pellman ("I'm an open / citizen science enthusiast who hails from New York.")

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