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John Pellman ("I'm an open / citizen science enthusiast who hails from New York.")
JayPi2 ("Besides hiking and skiing in the Alps I am traveling around the world. Now I have visited...")
John Richard Kerr
jeffnJenn ("Husband and wife team living the dream in Gilbert AZ!")
Johnathan Kennedy (""Yeah, man. I built my own $1000 gaming rig." "But isn't the only thing you do all day...")
jochen ("I am Joachim and I live in Germany near Munich. I develop sofware for embedded systems")
Joel Perpetua ("I am 16 years old, I am from Argentina, currently studying programming and interested in...")
Jim V. ("Hi, Jim from Northern Ireland here. Forty-six year old balancer of children, wife, family,...")
John W Jones ("I'm a human born on Earth in July 1972. Currently employed as a sales associate at a...")
jornhard ("/")

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