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Joe452 ("Well I'm 53, been married for 35 years. I had 2 kids. Unfortunately one was lost in an...")
Jacob Mac Donald
Jon Dann ("^)^")
Jay Kz ("Started with SETI when it was new, found Milkyway@home as a worth while alternate. ")
JLSchro* (" Now a happy cruncher with Sicituradastra., build computers, and a lot of other...")
Jack75 [VENETO] ("I'm an Italian boy of 1975 good life to all")
jartemis ("I used to run the home SETI program years ago and am so pleased it is available once again....")
Joseph A. Clark ("I live in West Central Ohio. I'm an amateur radio operator, beekeeper, kayaker, beermaker....")
Juan Crespo ("Originally from New York City, I now reside in Philadelphia, PA., USA. My occupation is...")
JohannaEidler ("Bonjour, Je suis née en 1974 et je suis fan d'astronomie, de JDR, d'histoire et de...")

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