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kashi ("")
KWSN - Sir Grawlfang ("Interested in all Astronomy, Cosmology and Physics related boinc projects. A member of the...")
karc ("Hello, my name is Marc im living in a small german town near Dortmund. I´m married...")
Krohon ("IT")
keltoi ("BOINC: It's where it's at. Team Starfire World BOINC http://tswb.org")
KWSN - Sir Furry Mark ("I'm a long time member of The Knights Who Say Ni! Why not join the silliest team on (or...")
Karolcia i Wrony ("It's Karolcia and Wrony TEAM!!!")
Karelvovsik ("Hi! My name is Karel.I living and working on Southwest Czech Republic.I am interested in...")
kenzieB ("Not much to tell: I am 29 (again) and live and love in Vancouver BC. I drive boats for...")
Kajunfisher ("A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. I am just a simple country guy...")

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