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Last updated 18 Sep 2021, 13:35:04 UTC

Krunchin-Keith [USA] ("Kaptain of team USA BOINCin since 10-Apr-2004 (2.28) ~~~ Alpha and Beta tester Visit...")
Keptin ("I am not a student of human nature. I am a professor of a far wider academy of which human...")
keandobus ("I am originally from Marinette, WI but moved to the Twin Cities (MPLS/STPL) in 2006. I am...")
k02kai ("PC SPEC. Xeon...")
Kenoscope ("Fifty-eight year old veteran of the Bermuda Triangle Expedition (2009-1951), father of two...")
KWSN Raw Data
kolala ("Join OcUK team. Crunching, parping, pimping and stomping our way to the top. The most...")

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