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LUCKY D. UNDERWOOD ("Hi! My name is Lucky D. Underwood. Yes, it is my real birth given name. I am born in Selma,...")
LordSagan ("16 years old science and astronomy enthusiast, from the exception in the darkness of...")
Lucas ("I'm interested in Hobby Astronomy. I'm a apprentice, in my third year of my...")
Lorne Waters ("I am a 57 yr old Veteran of Desert Shield/ Desert Storm in the Dallas TX area. I have been...")
loewe ("Hi, im a student from Germany and would like to help a little bit in scientific...")
LobaDK ("Someone who loves space (Play Elite: Dangerous a lot). I can't learn astronomy or math...")
L1nuS ("Computer Science student Space fan Cat lover")
Limuzyna Wrocław ("Jestem osobą która skończyła studia na Uniwersytecie Ekonomicznym oraz Wrocławskim...")
Lathon Wilson

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