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Lasso ("Hi,my name is lasso i am from sweden 49 years old.Retierd,my biggest intresst is building...")
leckermilkyway ("Hallo, ich bin 34 Jahre alt und interessiere mich in meiner Freizeit stark für Astronomie....")
Lugosi ("Not only do I enjoy MilkyWay@Home, but I enjoy it pretty much anywhere. It's my favorite...")
Lucky D. Underwood ("Name is Lucky D. Underwood from Huntsville,Alabama. Age 37yrs old. Single/Divorced. I...")
locust ("I live in Ukraine, Kiev. Born in Pripyat (Chernobyl region), grew up in Slavutych. I am 31...")
luciano ("Sharing CPU idle time with helpful BOINC projects.")
lovosal ("URL=http://www.titanesdc.com/] [/URL] TitanesDC Team Member :)")
Lars Solarus
Leslie Jackson ("I am from Detroit,Mi and the host of blogtalkradio.com/opentalkwithlesjackson that comes on...")

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