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Lou ("Hi, I'm Lou and 16 years old. I live in Germany near Wiesbaden and I hava many Hobbies like...")
Luna ("I'm Luna, I help render the milky way with my little server and occasionally my desktop.")
lortega ("Hello!! I live in Mexico, 27 years old, Electronic Engineer, Science and technology lover.")
Logan ("Just an 18 year old computer science student who happens to love our universe.")
lombardo-geosystems ("Keeper of www.lombardo-geosystems.it, an OpenStreetMap based web map system of Italy")
LesCap ("A novice with a telescope and ccd camera, able to capture digitized fuzzballs of pieces of...")
LUCKY D. UNDERWOOD ("Hi! My name is Lucky D. Underwood. Yes, it is my real birth given name. I am born in Selma,...")
LordSagan ("16 years old science and astronomy enthusiast, from the exception in the darkness of...")

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