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Mike ("My name is Michael Fleming. I am currently a Computer Science major at Indiana State...")
Murphy.cz ("Czechoslovak SF and F, web games, translating")
Michael ("I am from Kent in the UK. I am 26 & I am a manager in retail. I like gaming, heading...")
Mark Roman Schellberg ("Hi my name ist Mark and I think the idea from Boinc, is a very great think and I like it,...")
matszpk ("Hello. I am Mateusz Szpakowski and I am living Poland. My passions is computers,...")
Michael Yusko ("I'm a stay-at-home dad raising my 3 kids. My hobbies are Computers, Model and High-Power...")
mark ("Im 21 i live in a small town in Maryland and i like to build computers in my spare time for...")
Mystacoll ("Im from Dorset, im 30 years old, im a roof tiler.Im very interested in what is, how it is...")
Mr.Burnz ("Hoffnungsloser Realitätsflüchter, Retro-Hardware-Fanatiker, Linux-Romantiker,...")
MasterWebdesign ("Hallo, ich bin Klaus aus Bremen. Ich bin Jahrgang 66 und lebe zur Zeit in Bremen. Ich habe...")

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