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nick ("I am a 24 year old computer scientist from Thessaloniki, Greece. Studied here applied...")
neon ("I'm from germany. That's it ;)")
Neelybd ("I am a student of Nuclear Engineering at Oregonstate University in my junior year, a PFC in...")
noyken ("Free/Libre and Open Source Software is the way ALL software (and hardware) should be and...")
n8-h4wk ("Ich komme aus München :)")
Newalienworlds ("Hi My name Patrick from Ireland, I like supporting MilkyWay@Home community. I am also owner...")
Neronas ("I am a computer scientist from Greece Athens.")
Neven ("I am from Croatia, 44 yo, IT consultant.")
NotQuiteZen ("Über-nerd. Interested in the very large and the very small. Obsessed with the the...")

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