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odium ("Hi,everyone My name is Christian,and I am 29 years old. I like to listen to black metal...")
OlegCh ("Hi all! I'm from Moscow village since 1964. My hobbies are science, sport and photography.")
Orion1958 ("Hi I'm RickyF. I'm a disabled/Ret. Electrician/Control Tec from Central Virginia area. ...")
Orion7 ("Hi there! I'm from germany, crunching since May 2009 and my team is seti.germany. I think,...")
Orvillec ("I am a semi-retired / self-employed IT Engineer/Tech Geek. My location is the Finger Lakes...")
ocgbargas (" Hola a todos. Soy de Toledo y me gustan sobre todos los proyectos m├ędicos. Estoy...")
Oc ("Eve Online is my game! When im not playing that Boinc has 100% of all my cpu power! In game...")
OJB ("I'm a Mac programmer/consultant with an interest in technology, astronomy, photography,...")
Oink-NL ("I'm a Network Engineer from Holland. Since 1999 I'm doing distributed computing for...")
Orak ("Male 35 years old. General manager. Hobbies: computers, fishing, books.")

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