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Paul John ("I'm a 39 year old would-be author (genre fiction mainly). I've been interested in this kind...")
pwrslave ("You can contact me by IRC: pwrslave@IRCnet")
planetclown ("I enjoy following trends in sciences and technology, and seeing the ways advances can be...")
Philip ("Just a cruncher from down under")
poindexter ("I am a Ph.D. Chemist, and a Research Fellow at a large multinational petrochemical company....")
PimpInTheBox ("I apologize in advance! I am a 33 year old aircraft mechanic but am obsessed with the...")
Point Blank ("I'm married with 3 boys and a PC Gamer hence the name Point Blank my real name is Jeff. I...")
projektmanufaktur ("Hallo, mein Name ist Werner und ich komme aus Bremen. Ich betreibe mit meinem Bruder...")

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