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Peter Tulik ("Hi, I work as a freelance software developer from the United States. Also do conceptual...")
Paul Mullins ("hi, my name is Paul Mullins, Iv been living in a small quite town most of my life except...")
pmm1018 ("I live near Seattle and work as a Boeing flight test engineer. I've been crunching for...")
PhysicsEnthusiast ("I'm a medical physicist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.")
pierre mirlesse ("Climbed a live volcano with my daughter, sailed across the Atlantic ocean, survived the...")
Professor Smartass ("Der eine hilfreiche stille Freund der die Menge unbemerkt durchschreitet und...")
PBarnfeather ("I live in a country that is very hot and there are lots of motorcycles, and I have...")
Presrvd ("Just another science buff that decided to do what he can to help out the science community....")

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