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paul ("I come from Marseille , a city of France :) I speak a little english and i'am fan of Boinc...")
PeterHallgarten ("I am an amateur radio operator VK3AVE from from way back when (well 25+ years). I am...")
ProsperoDK (" I have been a number-cruncher on SETI@Home since 2/6-2002 and did some calculating in...")
petnek ("Hi, I am Petr (21 year) from Czech Republik. I live in Prague. ")
Phil ("Hi, I'm Phil, I'm 60 and in a village west of London. I'm a retired engineery sort of...")
pschoefer ("Proud member of Germany's biggest BOINC team: Bitte unterstütze unser BOINC-Team und...")
Planting ("Hi, I'm a 29 year old Vermonter who does this in hopes it helps us and our children.")
Pigu ("Hi, I'm Pigu the Great, Pigu almighty, Pigu from Boinc@Poland team, and like other Pigs my...")
Plum ("I wish mission complete, KAGUYA (SELENE). Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)")
PierreL ("")

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